Michelle M. Milliner

Public Relations Specialist, U.S. Army Research Laboratory

B.A. Advertising/Public Relations

Phone: (407) 984-5227
E-mail: michelle.m.milliner.ctr@mail.mil

Mrs. Milliner serves as the public relations specialist for the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, Simulation and Training Technology Center in Orlando, FL.  She is a creative communicator with over 20 years of experience in public relations and communications who is adept and resourceful when selecting the optimum medium to effectively communicate to differing groups of shareholders.  

In her current position she is responsible for the planning, development, organization and implementation of the both the organizations strategic plan and communication plan. This entails following specific Army and headquarters' guidance for the dissemination and development of command information programs and a comprehensive command marketing plan.  

Mrs. Milliner is an established media relations professional who has developed positive working relationships with local, national and international news organizations to disseminate information to the general public or specialized target groups. I coordinate meetings, set-up and execute visits and tours.

She is an active member in several community roles to nurture and maintain a pulse on the local community and the perception of the Army.

Her specialties include:  public relations, media relations, crisis communications, speech writing, technical editing, event planning, media relations, strategic planning, and negotiations.