Trevor Goodwin

3D Artist at E2i Creative Studio

B.A. Digital Media, University of Central Florida, 2017

Phone: (407) 882-1394


Trevor Goodwin is a 3D Artist at the E2i Creative Studio that focuses on 3D character creation and technical art asset production. His background is in computer-aided drafting and design, which allows him to approach problems with creative solutions while keeping the technical aspects of digital content creation in mind. Trevor started at E2i as a 3D art intern in the summer of 2016, and joined the production team in the fall of 2016. Since joining the team, Trevor has assisted in the management of intern productions and in teaching them the development pipeline. He has a passion for developing meaningful digital experiences as tools, and exploring how the visual direction of those experiences can help leave more of an impact on the participant. In his spare time, Trevor enjoys exploring and dissecting digital experiences, and learning new practices and techniques.

Trevor Goodwin