Two subjects work together in virtual spaceStudents in the Beowulf cluster lab at IST

Lab Director
Glenn Martin, Ph.D.



Interactive Realities Lab

The Interactive Realities Lab focuses on interaction, with virtual and augmented reality research that includes user-to-world (dynamic environments), world-to-user (multimodal environments) and user-to-user (collaborative environments). Projects include evaluation of virtual environment teamwork training and animation studies (in conjunction with the UCF Digital Media Program).

Research into interactive virtual environments led to the design and development of the first instances of real-time dynamic (modifiable) terrain.

Another first for the lab was virtual reality 3D computer-aided design. Researchers have investigated applicability of low-cost computer image generators for use in simulators, especially those embedded in operational platforms, and design of novel display devices. For more about our VR projects, go to the lab's Website.

With assistance by IST's STOKES high performance computing system we're studying parallel processing as a cost-effective alternative for driving complex simulation programs.  You can read more about STOKES here.

IST researchers joined a NASA consortium to develop a visualization module for a next-generation spaceport. Other past and present partnerships include the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps, the Center for Advanced Transportation Systems Simulation, Canon, Inc., Orlando Regional Healthcare System and many others.

IST also supports two similar laboratories, the E2i Creative Studio, which explores ways to integrate entertainment, training and simulation, and Sreal (Synthetic Reality Lab), which focuses on rapid prototyping of mixed reality experience, delivery of interactive training using digital avatars and physical-virtual avatar research.

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