Human Patient Simulators – New Dimensions
in Training to Treat Mass Casualties

IST’s software designs have enabled a direct link between trainees at a medical training facility and casualties simulated on a distant training field.

Using sophisticated human patient simulators provided by Medical Education Technologies, Inc. (METI) and the Electronic Casualty Card, developed by Lockheed Martin, IST researchers have created a sophisticated medical simulation capability that can enhance military, civil defense and crisis management training.


Interactive Surgical Simulation
and Trauma Care

New scenarios developed by IST include leg amputation caused by a mine blast, injury to the femoral artery with severe bleeding and lacerated wound of the arm accompanied by severe bleeding. The realism exhibited by these models provides heart-pounding training situations that can be used to train emergency responders faced with do-or-die situations in the field




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Interactive Surgical Simulation
and Trauma Care

Combat Trauma Patient
Simulator – CTPS

The CTPS is a dual-purpose training and analysis system that enables trainees to accurately simulate the emergency medical treatment process. IST developed HLA-compliant software packages that allow simulated casualties generated during combat exercises to queue up for treatment by combat medics using a human patient simulator. The playing-field-to-emergency treatment model also has been used to train EMTs in civilian mass casualty exercises.

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