Dr. Daniel Barber Demonstrates Assisted-Driving Simulator

Orlando Sentinel Covers Assisted-Driving Simulator

In December, a staff writer at the Orlando Sentinel spoke to Dr. Daniel Barber about his assisted-driving simulator project. UCF's simulated car, simulates the experience of riding in an automated car and will be used to look at how people in automated car when something goes wrong. To learn more about the project, read "Knight Rider? No, just UCF's simulated car" online.

Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft Awards UCF Research Team Two HoloLens Units for Memory Lens Project

A UCF research team, Dr. Lori C. Walters, Eileen Smith, Robert Michlowitz, and Alexia Mandeville, in partnership with Dr. Fran Blumberg from Fordham University, have been awarded two of the first Microsoft HoloLens units. The HoloLens is the first fully untethered, holographic computer, enabling high-definition holograms to integrate with our world. The UCF research team's project, Memory Lens: A Dynamic Tool for Capturing Societal Memory, explores the unique capabilities of the Microsoft HoloLens to facilitate intergenerational transfer of knowledge about key historical periods between youth and elders and to gather what we refer to as Micro-Oral Histories (MOH). For more information about Microsoft's HoloLens and the UCF project, read the full press release.

Congratulations to IST's Fall 2015 Graduates!

Congratulations to IST's Fall 2015 Graduates!

Megan Gregory (PhD. Psychology), Nelson Lerma (PhD, Industrial Engineering), Anthony Selkowitz (PhD, Human Factors Psychology), Grace Teo (PhD, Applied Experimental & Human Factors Psychology), Karla Badillo-Urquiola (Masters, Modeling & Simulation), Salam Daher (Masters, Modeling & Simulation), Kate Kapalo (Masters, Modeling & Simulation), Ravi Kattoju (Masters, Modeling & Simulation), Leonardo Oyama (Master, Modeling & Simulation), Brandon Sollins (Masters, Modeling & Simulation), and Andrew Talone (Masters, Applied Experimental & Human Factors Psychology)!

Client Assessment Practice Simulation (CAPS)

MEdSim Magazine Features Ryan Hill's Client Assessment Practice Simulation (CAPS)

MEdSim Magazine, which aims to promote the best education and training practices for the next generation of healthcare professionals, featured an article about PhD candidate Ryan Hill's Client Assessment Practice Simulation (CAPS) Research Program. The CAPS prototype explores how effective simulation-based training is for skill development and evaluation purposes. The prototype featuers a virtual client that responds and animates based on the learner's open entry of statements and questions. For more information, read Ryan's article in the digital format of MEdSim's Magazine: Issue 5-2015.

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