NY World's Fair Pavilion Targeted for Laser Scan

Dr. Lori Walters
IST researcher Dr. Lori Walters will lead New York middle school students and laser technicians on a field trip to the remains of the 1964-65 New York World's Fair. The scan will result in a complete 3D historical record of the fair's iconic New York State Pavilion. [More about Dr. Walters's World's Fair research]

Walters is doing the project voluntarily with the help of the non-profit organization CyArk which has set a goal of digitally preserving 500 of the world's most renowned historical sites within five years.

"Giving a new generation of students access not just to the wonders of the Fair but to the wonders of cutting edge technology is beyond exciting," Walters said. The researcher has been interested in the Fair since she was a child. She studied history to satiate her thirst for knowledge about the 1950's and 1960's, especially the technological advances that occurred during that time.

Her work took a technological leap of its own when she affiliated with IST to reconstruct historical sites such as the launch pads of Cape Canaveral and the World's Fair in an online format, making them accessible to the world.

For this latest project Walters will bring her FARO Focus 3D laser scanner to New York, which is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Fair this summer, and teach the middle school students from neighboring Nassau County how to accurately capture the entire Tent of Tomorrow area of the New York State Pavilion. FARO is also providing the team use of one of their new Focus X 330 scanners that has the capability of capturing data as far as 330 meters. A representative from CyArk will assist in scanning and the piecing together or "stitching" of the scans to complete a digital model.

Her unique work has attracted the attention of media focused on the Fair's anniversary, most recently in the May 27 Wall Street Journal.

Walters plans to give the data to the New York Parks Department to help preserve the authenticity of the structure should the city decide to either renovate it and to serve as a historical representation if it is ultimately torn down. "Whatever happens to these historical structures future generations will always have access to them in the form of these scans," Walters said.
Christa Santos, UCF News and Information.

IST's Michael Carney a Presenter at Experiential Learning Symposium

Michael Carney, Associate Director of IST's E2i Creative Studio, presented insights from the research lab's expeience with student interns during a session of the spring symposium held by UCF's Office of Experiential Learning. E2i, says Carney, "employs" on average 15 to 20 interns each semester," exposing them to"a professional environment where they can build hard skills that prepare for the gaming, simulation and training industries, and professional workplace skills such as working in a team with dynamically changing priorities and hard deliverables."

Carney, himself a graduate of UCF's Digital Media and M&S programs, presented to symposium attendees lessons learned from E2i Creative Studio's experience with interns, who come to IST seeking class credit, professional development oppotrunities, or payment for a 20-hour work week. Many do multiple internships, says Carney, "starting at credit and working toward the [Office of Experiential Learning] paid internship." Some are building a portfolio for future job opportunities and others are looking toward graduate opportunites at UCF's Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy (FIEA) or other graduate programs.

Convention Center Hall of Fame Honors Simulation Pioneers

An enthusiastic round of applause at the Hall of Fame
ceremony (photo courtesy of NCS)
A March 26 ceremony at Orlando's Orange County Convention Center honored nine men and a woman whose efforts helped establish modeling and simulation for warfighter training. Much of the resulting indutry put down roots in central Florida, creating a more than $3 billion annual boost to the region's economy. Forward-looking leaders at UCF, including the university's president, John C. Hitt, had a hand in it.

The 10 inaugural inductees are UCF President Hitt; former U.S. Rep. Lou Frey; UCF alumni Albert Henry Marshall and Patricia Getchell; scholarship donor and honorary degree recipient Vince Amico; Rear Adm. Luis de Florez, who institutionalized synthetic training with the Navy during World War II; Richard C. Dehmel, a scientist who developed and implemented the first mathematical flight models for simulations; Retired Gen. Paul Francis Gorman, who revolutionized Army training and the effective use of simulators; Retired Gen. John P. Jumper, the 17th chief of staff for the Air Force who set distributed mission training policies for the Air Force; and Edwin Albert Link, the "father" of simulation technology and the inventor of the Link Trainer flight simulator. -- More about the ceremony and sponsors --

Exploring the Past to Encourage Future Researchers

Is a 1964 "home of the future" still buried beneath the New York World's Fair site? IST researcher and historian Dr. Lori Walters badly wants to know. So badly that she has been digging earnestly for funds to conduct a formal search for the Underground House.

It's not a search for buried treasure. Digging up a 50-year-old dwelling—if it's even there—is secondary to Dr. Walters' real goal: introducing middle school children to urban archeology and its dependence on science. Her plan is to use the discovery process as a pathway to uncovering more about science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Sharpen your shovels and read more about Dr. Walters's vision.

Dr. Walters also has no little above-ground interest in the World's Fair site. She's been heading a multi-year project to recreate digitally, the fair's major showcases and using the resultant interactive virtual fairgrounds as a game to help young people learn more about science, technology, engineering and math. You don't have to be a kid to explore the '64-'65 World's Fair. Download the game (free) from our Synthetic Reality Lab's special Web site.

Research Computing Day Showcases High Performance Computing

UCF researchers and invited speakers explained how high performance computers and a growing global network to support information interchange is changing the face of advanced research. A standing room only gathering of faculty and other members of Central Florida's research and technology community attended the half-day series of presentations held at IST's STOKES Advanced Research Computing Center headquarters in the Central Florida Research Park.

Special guest Dr. Daniel A. Reed, Vice President for Research and Economic Development and University Chair in Computational Science and Bioinformatics, Professor of Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering and Medicine at the University of Iowa, and an innovator in cloud computing, related how high-powered computers and super-speed networks have made recent scientific advances possible. Go HERE for more details and copies of presentations given during the day.

Rebecca Grossman Honored with I-O Fellowship

The SIOP (Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology) Foundation has recognized Becky Grossman's work in industrial and organizational psychology with a fellowship designed to support her quest for a doctoral degree specializing in areas of training and development in the field. Grossman works in IST's Human Systems Integration department. The lab conducts research toward better ways to train people to act and interact in complex environments where stress is high and mistakes potentially life threatening. Go to the College of Science news page for a complete story.

Greg Welch Appointed to Florida Hospital Endowed Chair
at College of Nursing

Dr. Welch and friend
Dr. Gregory Welch, an IST Research Professor and co-director of the Synthetic Reality (SREAL) lab, will support the College of Nursing with research and development of enhanced simulation technology to improve health care education. Dr. Welch's research at IST has been toward improving the use of simulated patients in the health care training setting. A more complete story about Dr. Welch and this appointment can be found in this UCF Today article.

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