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A "mixed reality"aquarium puts subjects "right in the tank" with dolphins, sharks and other marine life.

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IST's Media Convergence Laboratory to showcase mixed reality applications at SIGGRAPH 2003 – San Diego

We'll be showing off, in a unique and entertaining way, the power of central Florida partnerships...people in education, government and industry whose combined talent and resources expand the boundaries of high technology.

Visit us at the San Diego Convention Center, July 29-31, 2003.

We're in booth 3451, way back in the corner of the hall, but way out front with action and interactive experiences.

Check out these MCL initiatives:

With Entertainment, “the magic is behind the eyeballs.” The magic of Mixed Reality is sparked through the imagination. Story and play research are essential to innovation in experiential media.

Experiments in games and children’s programming are the basis for many of our Mixed Reality prototypes. For kids, cartoons are real, so Mixed Reality for them is a natural tool to suspend disbelief. These early innovations are expanding the frontiers of entertainment technology for all age groups.

Mixed Fantasy projects are developing new and compelling experiences for diverse entertainment applications ranging from Mixed Reality game shows to experiential movie trailers.

Making creative leaps in next-generation applications of experiential media
Research in Mixed Reality is not only expanding the scientific, technological and creative possibilities of media, it is also exploring the potential economic impact of media innovation in the markets of training, education, entertainment, design and manufacturing through cross industry technology transfer.

The knowledge network of MCL commercial, academic and government partners is a catalytic force in transforming new ideas into innovation. New business models are producing unique concepts in value creation based on diverse research collaborations and the application of core simulation principles across diverse industries.

In conjunction with business research and development centers, an innovation infrastructure is forming to stimulate and support the constant state of change. Interdisciplinary research projects integrate scientific, artistic and economic research throughout the process. Industry involvement starts early to insure validation and adoption of emerging developments.

Mixed Reality research is expanding the boundaries of live simulation training with multiple sensory modalities by combining the intensity of COMBAT REALITY with the dynamics of VIRTUAL REALITY. These advancements are also being transferred to civilian applications for training emergency service, medical response and fire protection teams.

Through mixing realities, research is expanding the potential of embedded training in the field and in battle labs to provide integrated training anytime, anywhere. Advancements are being transferred across industries from business prototypes to hospitality training.

Integrated research in tracking, registration, rendering, display, and scenario delivery are expanding the possibilities of CONSTRUCTIVE simulation as well as after action review, and command and control visualizations.

Making memories that last a lifetime
In this experience and entertainment economy, Infotainment has been a driving force in bringing the innovations of experiential media to mainstream audiences. Through the trillion dollar industry of conventions, conferences and corporate exhibitions, complex and detailed messages need to have compelling impact on audiences that resonate above the average marketing barrage.

Mixed Reality research in infotainment is driving advancements in MR Venues with expanded modularity, multiple levels of interactivity, interoperable interfaces and interchangeable displays and effects. This includes the creation of reusable and scalable content that can reach diverse audiences.

Innovations in Mixed Reality production and distribution provide extensive reusability through networked production studios and venues that deliver new experiences to museums, arcades, theme parks and even home markets.

Mixed Reality research in informal education expands museum experiences through enhancements of exhibitions by layering of immersive content over cherished permanent collections.

Scalable Mixed Reality venues developed though applied research provide smaller venues access to more dynamic content and experiences by leveraging minimal space for maximum effects.

Innovative Mixed Reality displays support interactive group immersion for more family oriented life-long learning.

Mixed Reality research in Design and Production involves important developments in the human-centered research of ergonomics, cognition and human performance. Multi-modal immersive MR tools are redefining team-based interaction with large scale, complex decision-making applications.

The integration of the virtual with the real, especially in the context of human presence, creates a very special set of requirements. These challenges are transforming the traditional research facility, leading to new types of organizations as exemplified by the Media Convergence Laboratory.

Exploration in real-time affective evaluation (or play testing) standards and methods are bringing unique approaches to defining satisfaction in usability studies of experience and interaction.

Mixed Reality and Interactive Visualization
Emerging scientific and technological capabilities generating new creative possibilities




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