UCF Robotics team brings home high marks from competition


Tim Roberts presents Calculon

 Early in June, the Robotics Team at UCF entered two autonomous robots into the 13th Annual Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition, held at Traverse City, Michigan. Both teams earned a spot in the top six for the design challenge.

Team RDB3K got a finalist ranking earning a certificate in the design competition. The team was chosen as one of the 4th through 6th place teams. Team Calculon won 3rd place in the design competition earning a certificate and $500.00.

During the autonomous challenge, two of the RDB3K's motors broke down forcing the vehicle out of competition. The Calculon vehicle had better results, scoring 3rd place in design, 8th in navigation and 8th or 9th (results pending as of this writing) in the autonomous challenge.

"We made top 10 in every challenge this year," said Tim Roberts (Graduate, EE), the teams' captain and club president. "We received numerous comments by other teams and the judges that our vehicle and vision engine were incredible."

This year 37 teams registered and 33 showed up for the design competition.

UCF has fielded a team in the IGVC since 2002. Team members are graduate and undergraduate students primarily from engineering and computer science disciplines. Drs. Fernando Gozalez, Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering, and Alexander Leonessa, Mechanical, Materials & Aerospace Engineering, are faculty advisors.  Research Scientist Michael Dolezal provides Institute for Simulation & Training support. UCF's RDB3K autonomous vehicle

The club's combination laboratory and workshop is located in IST spaces in the off-campus Partnership II building.

This year the team also had two papers accepted into the 5th Annual Intelligent Vehicle System Symposium. The students continue to compete in international robotics competitions and to present their work at conferences locally and globally. Their latest vehicles are at http://robotics.ucf.edu

Final Standings for the Design Competition for the 2005 IGVC:
1st Place Virginia Tech - Gemini
2nd Place Virginia Tech - Polaris
3rd Place UCF - Calculon

4th - 6th
Virginia Tech - Johnny 5
Westpoint Military - Magic Sr.

Team Calculon:   Daniel Barber Tim Roberts Brian Becker Anton Kiriwas Chase Hansel Rick Porter Matt Ganci

Team RDB3K:   Gary Stein Geoff Decker Chase Hansel Gavin Barnes Tim Roberts