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IST is an internationally recognized research institute that focuses on advancing human-centered modeling and simulation technology and increasing our understanding of simulation's role in training and education. The institute in 2012 celebrated 30 years of M&S research achievement. You can read a brief account of those years here.
P3 building

IST's newest building, PIII, continues the partnerships forged among UCF, Florida, local industry and DoD. Right next to Partnership II, PIII houses Army and Marine Corps units, the National Center for Simulation and IST training rooms, laboratories and some administrative offices.

The five-story Partnership II building is home to IST administrative headquarters and administrative and research staff. Other tenants include elements of DoD simulation and training, UCF Advanced Distributed Learning and Team Performance laboratories.

Founded in 1982 as a research unit of the University of Central Florida and reporting directly to the Vice  President for Research and Commercialization, the institute provides a wide range of research and information services for the modeling, simulation and training community. Faculty and staff are distributed among IST's three Central Florida Research Park buildings, Partnership II (left), Partnership III (above) and the Simulation and Training Technology Center (below).

The Sergeant First Class Paul Ray Smith Simulation and Training Technology Center houses elements of the US Army's Research, Engineering and Development Command; space for a UCF incubator company and two IST simulation labs connected with Army research.


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