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These lists are of faculty from IST and, for your convenience, others
with current or recent collaborations with the institute in this dynamic research environment.
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Andrews, Dr. Anya IST 407-882-1307 Anya Andrews
Barber, Dr. Daniel IST 407-882-1128 Daniel Barber
Brown, Shelley IST/STTC 407-882-1338 Shelley Brown
Burke, Dr. Shawn IST 407-882-1326 Shawn Burke
Cannon-Bowers, Dr. Jan IST/Digital Media 407-882-1353 Jan Cannon-Bowers
Carney, Michael IST 407-882-1410 Michael Carney
Diaz, Eugenio IST 407-882-1427 Eugenio Diaz
Duley, Dr. Aaron IST 407-882-1492 Aaron Duley
Finch, Dr. Craig IST/STOKES ARCC 407-823-0711 Craig Finch
Fiore, Dr. Stephen IST/Philosophy 407-882-0298 Stephen Fiore
Garibay, Dr. Ivan IST/Office of Res. & Comm. 407-823-1837 Ivan Garibay
Geiger, Dr. Christopher D. IST/IEMS 407-882-2115 Christopher D. Geiger
Goldiez, Dr. Brian IST/IEMS/Modeling & Sim 407-882-1302 Brian Goldiez
Gray, Leslie IST  407-882-3460 Leslie Gray
Hancock, Dr. Peter IST/Psychology 407-823-2310 Peter Hancock
Hanson, Rae IST 407-882-1376 Rae Hanson
Hartin, Howard IST  407-384-5402 Howard Hartin
Houchin, Charles IST  407-882-1478 Charles Houchin
Hughes, Darin IST 407-882-1357 Darin Hughes
Jentsch, Dr. Florian IST/Psychology 407-882-0304 Florian Jentsch
Johnson, Eric IST 407-882-1381 Eric Johnson
Kaup, Dr. David IST/Mathematics 407-882-1484 David Kaup
Kincaid, Dr. John (Peter) IST/M&S Grad Program 407-882-1330 Peter Kincaid
Lackey, Dr. Stephanie IST 407-882-2427 Stephanie Lackey
Martin, Dr. Glenn IST 407-882-1349 Glenn Martin
Matthews, Dr. Gerald IST 407-882-0119 Gerald Matthews
McClellan, Tammie IST/Information Systems 407-882-1388 Tammie McClellan
McDaniel, Carole IST/Information Systems 407-882-1415 Carole McDaniel
McGill, Dr. Susan IST/M&S Grad Program 407-671-7426 Susan McGill
Metcalf, Dr. David S. II IST 407-882-1496 David Metcalf
Nagendran, Dr. Arjun IST 407-823-3704 Arjun Nagendran
Ogreten, Sherry IST 407-882-2117 Sherry Ogreten
Ortiz, Eric IST 407-882-0016 Eric Ortiz
Palaniappan, Dr. Ravi (on Sabbatical) 407-882-1300 Ravi Palaniappan
Plamondon, Brian IST 407-882-0129 Brian Plamondon
Read, Luke IST 407-882-0295 Luke Read
Reed, Dean IST 407-882-1343 Dean Reed
Reed, Lenny IST 407-882-1414 Lenny Reed
Reinerman, Dr. Lauren IST 407-882-1140 Lauren Reinerman
Reynolds, Shane IST 407-208-5769 Shane Reynolds
Rohlfing, Robert IST/Air Force (AFAMS) 407-208-5769 Robert Rohlfing
Salas, Dr. Eduardo IST/Psychology 407-882-1325 Eduardo Salas
Shumaker, Dr. Randall IST/IEMS/CpE 407-882-1300 Randall Shumaker
Smart, Ernest IST 407-882-1303 Ernest Smart
Smith, Eileen IST/Digital Media 407-882-1359 Eileen Smith
St.Benoit, Tracy IST 407-882-1384 Tracy St. Benoit
Tafur, Dr. Sergio IST/STOKES ARCC 407-882-0206 Sergio Tafur
Tanner, Scott IST 407-882-1369 Scott Tanner
Tarr, Ronald IST 407-882-1391 Ron Tarr
Tracy, Judd IST 407-882-1350 Judd Tracy
Walters, Dr. Lori IST/History 407-882-1406 Lori Walters
Wansbury, Tim IST 407-384-3932 Tim Wansbury
Welch, Dr. Gregory IST 407-796-2823 Greg Welch
Wick, Barry IST 407-882-1316 Barry Wick
Wiegand, Dr. Paul IST 407-882-0313 Paul Wiegand
Wiehagen, Gene Information Systems 407-882-1300 Gene Wiehagen
Yerkes, Mark IST 407-882-1435 Mark Yerkes
Ziock, Lawrence IST 407-384-3939 Lawrence Ziock

IST Contributing Affiliates
This list is of individuals from other UCF units, other universities, and organizations
with current or recent material contributions to joint research with IST faculty or programs.
Gonzalez, Dr. Avelino Computer Engineering 407-823-5027 Avelino Gonzalez
Hughes, Dr. Charles Computer Science 407-882-1482 Charles Hughes
Lin, Dr. Kuo-Chi (Kurt) Mech & Aero Eng 407-883-0137 Kurt Lin
Murphy, Dr. Robin Texas A&M University 979-845-2015 Robin Murphy
Stapleton, Christopher Simiosys LLC 407-882-1356 Christopher Stapleton
Szalma, Dr. James Psychology 407-823-0920 James Szalma

IST Affiliated Faculty
This list is of faculty from other UCF units or universities
with current or recent collaborations with IST faculty or programs.
Chin, Dr. Matthew Psychology 407-823-2565 Matthew Chin
Burke, Dr. Jennifer U. South Florida 813-974-1347 Jennifer Burke
Foroosh, Dr. Hassan Computer Science 407-823-5299 Hassan Foroosh
Gallagher, Dr. Shaun University of Memphis 901-678-2535 Shaun Gallagher
Hagen, Dr. Scott Civil & Environmental Eng. 407-823-3903 Scott Hagen
LaViola, Dr. Joseph Computer Science 407-882-2285 Joseph LaViola
Moshell, Dr. J. Michael Digital Media/Comp Sci 407-823-6100 Michael Moshell
Rutstrom, Dr. Elisabet Georgia State University Elisabet Rutstrom
Sims, Dr. Valerie Psychology 407-823-0343 Valerie Sims
Sukthankar, Dr. Gita Computer Engineering 407-823-4305 Gita Sukthankar
Turgut, Dr. Damla Computer Engineering 407-823-6171 Damla Turgut
Wahid, Dr. Parveen Electrical Engineering 407-823-2610 Parveen Wahid
Whiteside, Dr. Janet Communicative Disorders 407-249-4770 Janet Whiteside
Wu, Dr. Annie Computer Science 407-823-5922 Annie Wu
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