Some Examples of IST Past Research

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Here also are links to pages and documents in PDF format that provide brief summary descriptions of previous IST projects representative of the work we've done. Since many in this archive were completed some years ago, projects— and links to project managers—may not still be active. If you are looking for more current or currently active projects at IST, go to individual lab pages (linked from the "Research Labs" menu on our home page) for a look at each lab's current activities.

You can view the PDF files using Adobe Acrobat Reader or download them for later printing or viewing. For highlights of some current projects read down the center column on the home page, or go to an archive of featured projects here.

Looking for Enumerations and Bit-encoded Values for Use with DIS Applications? Links to this 2003 document and other related IEEE standards publications are on our "Research" page.

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Project Descriptions

Adobe pdf File

A-TES STO Simulation of indirect weapons fire INACTIVE

Autonomous Wireless Robots Description of a project to develop tracked robot vehicles that can investigate, map and conduct long-term surveillance in a terrain.

Ad-hoc Robotic Testbed (ART) Development of low-cost mobile platforms for Army Tactical Engagement Simulation training exercises.

Intuitive Means for Robotic Control (IMROC) A research simulation environment to investigating training issues relevant to introduction of robotic elements into Army operations.

Indoor Mapping Robot (IMR) Demonstration of design and implementation of a low cost mobile robotic computing platform.

Common Robotics Architecture (CRA) Designed in response to the need for rapid robotic application development and prototyping for hardware control systems and data communications.








Department of Information Systems Technology Descriptions of numerous projects undertaken by our web-based information systems unit can be found at their website. Click on the link in the column to the right. Information Systems Technology
(link to the Information Systems website)
Distributed Simulation Lab Summaries of projects in our DS lab. INACTIVE
Endoscopic Surgery Simulation A Visual Systems Lab project to develop a virtual surgery simulator. endosim.pdf
Fire Rescue/Emergency Services Training Programs that train managers for emergency preparedness. firerescu.pdf
Haptic Virtual Simulator Assembly of a basic haptic test bed and exploration of haptic technology in virtual prototyping and crew training for the Future Combat System.
Haptic Applications for Multi-Modal Environments Research (HAMMER) Design and testing of a tight-fitting vest that uses cell-phone vibrators to provide haptic feedback.
Human Patient Simulator Distributed emergency medical training program development for military and civilian medical presonnel using the human patient simulator. INACTIVE
Interactive Surgical Simulation A highly interactive surgical simulation model helps medics train for various trauma and medical emergencies that occur in the field. surgicalsim.pdf
INVEST Imbedding advanced distributed simulation capabilities into combat vehicles. INACTIVE investo.pdf
Advanced Research in Olfaction for Multi-modal Applications (AROMA) Research on whether adding olfactory elements to a simulation enhances the sense of presence. INACTIVE
E2i Creative Studio is a bridge between academia and industry, with applied research and production projects that explore human performance in applications as diverse as medical, military and entertainment.
E2i Website link
Synthetic Reality (SREAL)
The activities of SREAL include integration of multiple senses and modalities in Mixed Reality experiences; research in digital puppetry, human-technology interaction, learning sciences, physical virtual avatars, real-time rendering, remote control of robots, and tracking of humans in complex environments; and the application of this research to education, entertainment, training, and virtual heritage.
SREAL Website link
Performance Assessment Technology
Evaluation of technology-enhanced solutions for improving performance in the workplace.
Go to the RAPTER lab for up-to-date information.
Air Force M&S Education and Training Program INACTIVE ptgafet.pdf
SANG LAV Test and evaluation support for the Saudi Arabian National Guard. INACTIVE ptgagts.pdf
Force Protection Battle Lab Technology Integration INACTIVE ptgbatlab.pdf
Performance-oriented Workshops. Our group's offerings for entry-level to experienced managers. INACTIVE ptgcourse.pdf
Analysis of Program Direction A study of technology acquisition program planning at Eglin AFB to determine whether it met requirements. INACTIVE
Manufacturing Technology Curriculum A program of courses leading toward a two-year degree in this neglected field of study.
Modeling & Simulation Education Program Courses arising from a needs assessment of the M&S workforce.
PC Games and Flight Training Research into effectiveness of commercial flight simulation games as part of a military pilot training program.
RAVEN Applying Internet-available VRML technology to a high school tutorial application to create a fun-to-use, interactive teaching tool. INACTIVE
Self-directed Learninng Internet Module (SLIM) Every soldier a Sensor (ES3) An online learning module to test and increase a participant's situational awareness.
Support to SISO IST's support to the Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization. siso.pdf
High-speed Internet Assistance A joint IST/UCF effort to provide high-speed networking between NASA's Ames Research Center in California and a NASA Virtual Lab demo in Florida.
Guidelines for Web-Based ADL Design and Application
A description of the Orlando-based ADL Joint Co-lab initiatives. For current information on the ADL Co-Lab, go to
Ultra Wide Band Sensor for Accurate Time Difference of Arrival Development of an unattended time difference of arrival system that can record portions of the VHF and UHF spectrum and determine the position of responsible transmitters.
Virtual Environment Software Sandbox A suite of libraries designed to expedite the development of applications where virtual environments are required. Now in version 4.1 vess.pdf
Vision Spaceport Module Visualization Development of a module to visualize data generated by alternative spaceport of the future designs. INACTIVE
Visual Lab (Department of Applied Research and Technology) Project updates also can be found on department web pages. Click on the titles at right.
Applied Research and Technology
Media Convergence Lab

(link to the DART labs website)
Vocal Command and Control of SAF Entities
A STRICOM-sponsored project to allow spoken commands for controlling computer-generated forces and synthetic speech originated by virtual entities
Army Research Institute VR Team Training Testbed The Fully Immersive Team Trainer (FITT) supports experiments using virtual environment (VE) technology for team training. After Action Review software allows detailed investigation of each moment in a simulation training sequence.


ZCAP A suite of software tools to test and evaluate terrain database interoperability. INACTIVE zcap.pdf

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