School of Modeling, Simulation, and Training (SMST)

SMST was established by the University of Central Florida (UCF) in 2018 to formally recognize of the exceptional growth and success of the Institute for Simulation & Training (IST) and its Modeling and Simulation Graduate Program. Our mission is to conduct cutting-edge human-centered simulation research and execute a world-class transdisciplinary graduate program to create leaders in modeling, simulation, and training.

Founded in 1982, IST is an internationally-recognized interdisciplinary research institute within SMST that conducts basic and applied research in the art and science of modeling, simulation, and training. IST partners with public and private stakeholders to apply and develop simulations for diverse applications and actively supports the university`s modeling and simulation education initiative through SMST’s graduate program.

SMST houses a series of interdisciplinary graduate degree programs in modeling and simulation, designed primarily for students with backgrounds in STEM who wish to pursue careers in any number of fields, including academia, government, defense, entertainment, technology, service, and manufacturing.

SMST established modeling, simulation, and training as a recognized field of study. Students have the opportunity to focus their research efforts to develop more specialized skills, working alongside faculty members with expertise in such subfields as behavioral cybersecurity, computer visualization, healthcare simulation, human systems, interactive simulation and intelligent systems, and simulation infrastructure, management, modeling and analysis. Students are actively recruited to help IST’s research scientists provide solutions to real world problems. The curriculum is designed to provide a broad perspective across people, processes, and technology relating to the developing simulation industry and an awareness of associated economic factors, particularly with respect to improved training methods for high-skills, high-stakes jobs.