M&S Research Collection

Research Library Collection
The university library maintains an extensive collection of IST-published research reports related to modeling and simulation science. This unique compendium contains the majority of IST-published and catalogued modeling and simulation documents.

This university library collection is supported in part by generous annual donations from G. Vincent and Beth Amico. Mr. Amico is a former Director of Engineering and Director of Research for what is now known as NAVAIR TSD, the NAVAIR Training Systems Division, Orlando, Florida. He is credited with over half a century's involvement in the world of simulation and training and was the first to use a commercial digital computer in a simulator. Vince is an active Coordinator of Industrial Affiliates, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Central Florida, and a member of the boards of directors of the National Center for Simulation and the Institute for Simulation and Training. Vince Amico in 2004 received an honorary PhD in Modeling and Simulation from UCF.

IST honored Vince for his contributions, which made possible construction of a new reading room to house the research collection. Go here to read the story. The reading room underwent yet another refurbishment to make it more convenient for study, small class sessions, presentations and other small group gatherings when IST's larger classrooms are occupied. In 2006 IST moved the Amico collection to temporary storage in the Partnership II building, where the collection awaits further cataloging and reorganization.

Enumerations and Bit-Encoded Values...
We frequently receive requests for the IST document "IST-CR-03-01," a 2003 document whose full title is "Enumeration and Bit Encoded Values for Use with Protocols for Distributed Interactive Simulation Applications." The document is listed as accompanying IEEE Std 1278.1-1995 and IEEE Std 1278.1A-1998. Both may be found at the IEEEXplore® Digital Library (subscription required).

IST was not assigned responsibility for updates to IST-CR-03-01 beyond 2003. For information regarding any updates, You may search the Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO) digital library or contact SISO directly.

To get the "Final Draft, Proposed IEEE Standard Communication Architecture for Distributed Interactive Simulation (CADIS)" June 28, 1993, download the (5 MB) PDF file HERE.

The UCF library scanned and cataloged most of IST's research publication archives. Go to the online library listings (start with the "you can find it here" link) to research titles in the M&S subject area.

Documents in the collection are available for reference on-site only. We are not able to circulate publications at this time. Photocopies of most IST documents may be supplied on request to the UCF library; however, they are subject to a duplication and handling charge.