SMST Affiliates

Simulation and training organizations worldwide repeatedly experience the benefits of association with a strong academic research center. Early access to cutting edge technologyand relationships developed with research faculty and future professionals frequently mark the difference between success and just getting by.

Members of IST's Affiliates can experience this difference first-hand, through the solid relationships that arise from earnest commitments to simulation and training research and education at IST.

How your participation helps IST
An active affiliate program can help ensure progress in modeling and simulation research and positively impact education. Contributions from affiliates can be applied to the purchase of needed research-related equipment or can help attract the best and brightest students to UCF and the Orlando area. 

A few representative examples of how affiliate support can help M&S:

  • Fellowships for graduate study
  • Donation of new equipment
  • Endowed faculty chair
  • Research library funds
  • Support for conferences and shows

How your participation helps you
Membership in the IST Affiliates provides tangible and intangible benefits. Tangible benefits of establishing a close association with this leading institute in modeling and simulation include exposure to the latest developments in cutting edge technologies, availability of sophisticated lab facilities, early access to our graduates (the next generation of experts in modeling and simulation) and interactions with our faculty, many of whom are leaders in their field.>

There also are many intangible benefits that accrue from association with this dynamic research institution, with its access to and associations and collaborations with other specialized facilities within the university, among which are the Central Florida Innovation Corporation (CFIC), a new regional University of Central Florida Technology Incubator, and a large family of modeling, simulation and training companies in the central Florida region.

Partnership and sponsorship of research activities within the institute return benefits through the creation of new technology and fresh intellectual property, the solution of complex problems and the characterization of new industry-developed devices. Many faculty members participate in the formulation of SBIR, STTR, ATP, GOALI and federal BAA proposals. 

How to become an IST Affiliate
Contact IST Deputy Director David "Fuzzy" Wells or any IST researcher.

Membership Categories

  • Affiliate Member. Any individual, corporation, or organization that donates at least $1000 in cash, or $3,000 of new equipment, annually to the institute.
  • Senior Member. Any individual, corporation, or organization that donates at least $3000 in cash, or $10,000 of new equipment, annually to the institute. 
  • Medallion Member. Any individual, corporation, or organization making a donation in excess of $10,000 in cash annually.
  • Life Member. Any individual, corporation, or organization that participates in the University's Eminent Scholar's Program resulting in the creation of an Endowed Professorship in Modeling & Simulation. These donations are eligible for the State Matching Gifts Program.