Dr. Lori Walters and Dr. Stephen Fiore Honored as Recipients of the 3rd Annual Luminary Awards

Once again, two of our very own faculty members have made it into the spotlight. The prestigious Luminary award is a fairly new recognition given by the Office of Research and Faculty Excellence. On October 23rd, nine faculty members across a number of disciplines were awarded for making a difference in the world through their research, and among them were Dr. Stephen Fiore and Dr. Lori Walters. Their scholarly leadership earned them this recognition and a feature on the Office of Research website.

Dr. Stephen Fiore is the Cognitive Sciences Lab Director here at SMST with a joint appointment as professor in the Department of Philosophy.

Dr. Fiore’s expertise lies in understanding and developing research on cognition and collaboration. His work has caught the attention of agencies like DARPA and the National Academy of Sciences. One of Dr. Fiore’s currents projects involves helping predict future scientific problems related to national security, alongside experts from institutions like Stanford, Cornell and MIT.

“I have always been fascinated by how humans make sense of the world and that motivated me to study Cognitive Science. People with intellectual curiosity and the passion to solve complex problems inspire me. My continual goal is to understand how humans can better collaborate so I can help them address the most pressing scientific and societal challenges facing the world."

Dr. Lori Walters is the Lab director and founder of ChronoPoints at SMST. She has a profound passion for history and uses technology to preserve it. She brings the past to life with laser scanners used for digital preservation, developing virtual historic environments, and capturing oral histories. When asked who inspires her, Dr. Walters replied,

“Dr. Heather Frazer of Florida Atlantic University and Calvin Fowler, Project Mercury Test Conductor. Dr. Frazer was an exceptional history professor and mentor. A master storyteller, she captivated you with what appeared to be a story, and suddenly you realized she had conveyed far more than a recounting of events. Dr. Frazer inspired all to examine a topic thoroughly and pushed students to develop exceptional research skills. Cal Fowler was the man who launched three of the four Mercury astronauts that orbited the Earth. He was dedicated to preserving the reflections of the everyday space worker.”

Thanks to Dr. Walters, thousands have learned the fascinating heritage of the US Space Program in Florida and shown the beauty of Mid-Century architecture.

These remarkable people illuminate our future and brighten the halls of SMST. Earning this wonderful prize shows how important their research is and how it is impacting the world with a positive light. That is why it is called the Luminary award and it is very well deserved. We look forward for more to come from these two awe-inspiring faculty members.

Written by: Catherine Delgado
With help from: Zenaida Gonzalez Kotala


Oct. 25, 2019