Game Research Summer School

A notice by Professor Remco Veltkamp from Utrecht University:

Between August 13 and 24, 2018 there will be two interrelated summer schools on digital games in contemporary society and culture, taught by senior staff from the Utrecht University Center for Game Research and the Utrecht University of Arts.

“Game Design and Development” 
(August 13-17) 
The first summer course that provides a step-by-step introduction to making games in the industry-standard game engine Unity, accompanied by workshops and lectures on topics like entrepreneurship as well as (serious) game design. Students will form teams and create a game of their own on the topic “Healthy Play, Better Coping”, focusing on the role of game and play in the development of chronically ill (young) patients; expert feedback on the content as well as the design process will be provided by an experienced pediatrician. 

For more information and to apply online, visit HERE.

“Multidisciplinary Game Research – Between Theory and Practice” 
(August 20-24) 
The second summer course addresses state-of-the-art methods for analyzing game design and social applications of digital games through workshops that combine theory and design practice. Each day is dedicated to a different topic, ranging from experimental games and game culture over games for learning, persuasive games, new forms of game-based storytelling to games played with the whole body. Apart from the interactive workshops, ‘interludes’ like a pervasive game experience, a workshop on games and/as art with digital agency SETUP and a tour of the Mo-Cap Lab at Utrecht University round off the summer school.

For more information and to apply online, visit HERE.
While the summer courses can be followed individually, they are designed to be complementary, and together provide a holistic perspective on the creation, interpretation and deployment of (digital) games in contemporary Western societies.

May. 29, 2018