Happy Retirement Dr. Goldiez

Thank you Dr.Goldiez for your 30 years of experience as Deputy Director here at IST. Your hard work and dedication here will truly be remembered. Truly! You were the first graduate of the UCF Modeling and Simulation School in receiving a Ph.D. in 2004, and while that itself is a memorable moment, it didn’t end there! You made many outstanding accomplishments afterwards. You’ve brought 18M+ dollars in research to IST and received the UCF Millionaires medallion for his research efforts. You’ve also lead IST in new research efforts in fields such as Medical, in Olfactory Senses and the ARCC Lab, a high computing cluster, joint with the State University Education and Research Alliance effort. 

Although you will no longer be working here at IST, you will always be remembered by the people that surrounded you. 

From All IST, 
Thank you!

May. 29, 2018