IST Tour with Claflin University

This morning, IST has welcomed 70 students who are on their way to starting their first year of college at Claflin University, South Carolina, all studying STEM fields. As they’re about to enter their first year, UCF-IST had the privilege to provide a tour to help the students expand educational opportunities that the University of Central Florida has to offer.

With the crowd separated into groups of four, the students visited 4 Labs: PD3D, E2i Creative Studio, Interactive Realities Lab (IRL), and METIL.

Demonstrations such as E2i Creative Studio's Incident Command training simulation for the Orange County Fire Rescue, PD3D's Accelerometor for medical training, IRL's Tourniquet Training arm, and METIL's AR experiences were few of the many projects shown to the students throughout the tour.  These demonstrations expanded an understanding to how their majors and practices can apply to the Modeling and Simulation field.

Although they are just starting out, IST has also introduced the master’s program in Modeling and Simulation to expand their future after finishing as an undergrad. What better time to get a head start than the summer before the first semester?

Jul. 09, 2018