USA Science & Engineering Festival

The USA Science & Engineering Festival is an event held bi-annually in Washington D.C. to celebrate STEM education for people of all age groups. 

On April 6-8 of this year, E2i Creative Studio had the pleasure of showcasing at the festival in partnership with the Department of Homeland Security to demonstrate that learning simulations can be fun and engaging for the whole family. 

E2i illustrated this through hurricane creation simulators, where friends and family would go head-to-head attempting to both build a house that could withstand a hurricane and creating a hurricane to explore the storm factors that change as it approaches landfall. Additionally, they presented a more serious side of simulation with demos of a training simulator for firefighter incident commanders. Kids and adults of all ages enjoyed the event and were excited to see that digital experiences weren’t exclusive to entertainment, but are incorporated into serious learning scenarios.


Apr. 06, 2018