Ana Diaz-Ramirez

IST HR Services


Bachelor of Science, Major in Biology 

Phone: (407) 882-1358

Ana has a Bachelor degree in Science, Major in Biology from Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico. She has an extensive management experience in the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device Manufacturing and Sterilization Industry. 

Ana worked more than 20 years in the field, but took an opportunity to return IST/UCF. Transitioning to Human Resources (HR), she brought invaluable skills needed for HR Services including, problem solving, interpersonal and communication skills, mediation and resolution. Her current responsibilities include: assisting with payroll, onboarding new faculty, staff and students, serve as a liaison between faculty and management, and conduct other day-to-day activities. Ana enjoys working in the HR field and plans to grow her knowledge and skill sets to enhance her current position at IST/UCF.