SMST Seminar Series

SMST’s seminar series is a biweekly 1-hour event, where preeminent researchers share their work with a highly interdisciplinary audience that includes students, faculty, military personnel, and industry leaders. The seminar series focuses on innovative modeling, simulation, and human-subjects research techniques.

  • 4-22-2021 | Building a Winning Environment: Set Up Your Own Virtual Cyber Lab
  • 4-8-2021 | Place-making in nature: The role of affordances and sense of presence
  • 3-25-2021 | Centering the tension between critical perspectives and practice to advance HCI research on health and aging
  • 3-11-2021 | Layered Social Agents in Automated Negotiation
  • 11-19-2020 | Using Multimodal Multichannel Process Data to Understand and Foster Self-Regulated
                                  Learning with Advanced Learning Technologies: Opportunities and Challenges
  • 11-5-2020 | Echo state networks and the sustained dynamics of natural language performance
  • 10-20-2020 | When do we Clean, When do we Render, When do we Model? — Applying Novel Visualization and Data Science techniques                               to Biology and Medical Imaging Applications
  • 10-8-2020 | Evaluating and Developing Sociotechnical Systems through Human-Systems Integration in Various Dynamic Task Contexts
  • 9-24-2020 | Virtual Nature: Making Knowledge Beautiful