What is Modeling & Simulation?

Modeling and simulation (M&S) is a powerful method for designing and evaluating complex systems and processes. Using a mathematical model, M&S generates a scenario that integrates key elements of a physical model in a virtual form, and then calculates the results of those conditions on the mathematical model. Leading-edge technologies — like virtual reality, digital twin technology and artificial intelligence — are simulations. M&S enables organizations to visualize results of their plans before bringing them to scale. Through M&S, these organizations are maximizing human performance, increasing operational effectiveness and efficiencies, and improving safety.

Simulation Types

Live Simulations

  • Real people operate real systems
  • Military training exercises using real equipment

Virtual Simulation

  • Real people operating simulated systems

Constructive Simulation

  • Simulated people operating simulated systems
  • Real people may provide inputs
  • Wargaming and analytic simulations