Digital Twin Seminar Series

Presented by the Digital Twin Initiative, the Digital Twin Seminar Series is a series of regular 1-hour talks given throughout each semester, where preeminent researchers share their work with a highly interdisciplinary audience that includes students, faculty, and industry leaders. The seminar series focuses on innovations and advancements in digital twin research and technologies.

Upcoming Talks:

Wed., February 28, 2024
12:00 PM, EST

Partnership III Building: Room 233

A “Non-Engineering” View on Digital Twins in Supply Chains

Talk Abstract: This talk provides a welcoming gander into the world of digital twins in supply chains, from the lens of a social scientist. A path towards understanding the ever-changing landscape of supply chains from a business and societal perspective will be presented. There is a need to comprehend real-world problems and examine how these translate into challenges for data requirements. Alongside this, it is necessary to acknowledge the various forms in which data maps onto improving managerial decision-making, in the context of supply chains. Implications of these factors will be considered via the digital twin capabilities periodic table, as conceptualized by the Digital Twin Consortium (2022), from a computer science, software developer, and digital twin engineer perspective.

Speaker Biography: Dr. Rajinder Bhandal is a Lecturer in Management at Leeds University Business School. As a multi-disciplinary researcher her research is located at the cutting edge of technological innovation, disruptive technologies, behavioural decision making, supply chain management, business, management, and consumer behaviour. Her current research focuses on disruptive technologies including digital twin technology, big-data technologies in the context of operations, and supply chain management.

Past Talks in the Series
  • February 28, 2024: A “Non-Engineering” View on Digital Twins in Supply Chains by Dr. Rajinder Bhandal
  • November 9, 2023: Designing and Developing a Digital Twin Large Infrastructure Management Framework in Orange County, California by Dr. Kostas Alexandridis

  • October 12, 2023: The Evolution of Digital Twins, M&S, and the Metaverse by Dr. Michael Grieves