A headshot of Carole McDaniel, white female with long brown hair and wearing a black shirt smiling into camera.

Carole McDaniel

Research Associate
Assistant Director, E2i Creative Studio


Partnership 3: 128


A UCF graduate, Carole McDaniel (‘03, ‘04, MA ’08) is a Knight at heart. Her career at SMST spans over 20 years and has allowed her to be a part of numerous large and small projects that have had an impact on their research efforts and end users. She began her career as a graphic designer and quickly moved into project management,  and user interface/experience design. She manages the development of large-scale web and VR applications across multiple labs, where her focus is always on maintaining a positive work environment and creating tools that are intuitive.

Ms. McDaniel is the Assistant Director of E2i Creative Studio, the current Project Manager of the Department of Information Systems Technology, and also works closely with UCF RESTORES managing a number of their technical projects. In her spare time she loves to dote on her children, read, grow her plant collection, crochet, paint, and work on DIY projects.


  • M.A., Film & Digital Media, University of Central Florida

  • B.A., Graphic Design, University of Central Florida

  • B.A., Radio & Television, University of Central Florida


  • Research Associate, School of Modeling, Simulation, and Training, UCF


  • 2023 UCF Research Incentive Award Winner
  • UCF RESTORES – Redline and Blueline Rescue
    https://redlinerescue.org/ | https://bluelinerescue.org/
    Redline and Blueline Rescue are dedicated to the mission of serving firefighters, law enforcement officers and their families in their times of need. Ms. McDaniel has played a key role in the development and design of these applications and is proud of the support they provide to the community.
  • UCF RESTORES – Traumatic Event Scene VR Creation Tool
    Ms. McDaniel assisted in the design, development, and deployment of a tool clinicians can use to recreate patient experiences in VR. She is proud to be a part of the UCF RESTORES team as they continue to provide mental health support to first responders, veterans, victims of sexual assault, and others suffering from PTSD.

Research Interests:

Interface Design and Usability
Technology and Interfaces for Novice and Non-Technical Users
User Experience Design

Areas of Expertise:

Interface and User Experience Design

Application Areas:

Behavioral Healthcare
First Response
Product Design
Software Development

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