Eileen Smith

Program Director,
Applied Research
Director, E2i
Creative Studio


Partnership 2: 315
Partnership 3: 127


Eileen Smith is a Program Director at IST, and Director of the E2i Creative Studio. She is passionate about improving human confidence and competence through appropriate technology-mediated toys and tools. Projects at E2i target diverse elements of this journey, such as researching and assessing appropriate use of the spectrum of technology for learning, using technology to transcend the learning environment, and applying emerging technologies to learning for differing learners. Eileen brings 28 years’ expertise in designing and producing learning projects that apply emerging technologies in order to research their effectiveness as tools for diverse uses/audiences. She is accustomed to weaving diverse partnerships (e.g., researchers, actors, engineers, educators) so that projects reflect a broad range of perspectives. She is passionate about helping the next generation of creative designers to explore their dreams, as an educator, as an internship placement for skilled emerging professionals, and as the Director of E2i, where she supports team members constantly learning new tools and techniques. In her spare time, Eileen enjoys continuing to develop a deeper understanding of the true balance between nutrition and health, slowly renovating her home with her husband, and working out at a small private gym in Orlando with an incredibly crazy bunch of friends.


  • M.A., Theater, University of Louisville

  • B.A., Speech, Georgia State University


  • Interim Deputy Director, School of Modeling, Simulation, and Training, University of Central Florida

  • Director, E2i Creative Studio, University of Central Florida

  • Program Director, Institute for Simulation & Training, University of Central Florida

  • Research Associate, Institute for Simulation & Training, University of Central Florida

  • Instructor, School of Visual Arts and Design, University of Central Florida


  • NSF ISE “Water’s Journey through the Everglades” - $3.2 million to field 12 interactive experiences at MODS in Ft. Lauderdale, serving over 400,000 visitors each year since 2017.
  • FEMA-funded “OCFRD Incident Command Training” - $771,000 to field an applied learning tool for Orange County, FL, supporting competent fire scene leadership training since 2013.
  • Industry-funded “Simulation-based Blended Learning System” - $8.5 million (to date) partnering synergistically with SLB to evolve their siloed training in all their geo-markets.
  • Creating the next generation workforce of amazing simulation professionals through research staff, student internships and community partnerships.

Research Interests:

Applications of immersive technologies
Design-centric Approach
Distributed Shared Spaces for Learning Collaboration
Emotionally Compelling Experiences

Areas of Expertise:

Augmented Reality (AR)
Rapid Prototyping
Simulation and Training
Virtual Reality (VR)

Application Areas:

First Response
Microelectronics and Semiconductor Fabrication