The MIT2 Lab is directed by Provost Distinguished Research Professor, Dr. Peter Hancock. We focus on the implications of human cognition, behavior, and physiology on man-made systems. Every day, Human Factors research brings us closer to understanding stress, vigilance, cognitive decision making, time perception, and many other underpinnings of the fascinating and complicated relationships between humans and their tools.

Our lab boasts two driving simulators and an eye-tracking system for driving-related, as well as physiological, research.

Our current primary research interests are in time distortion under stress, trust and video conferencing, and feedback effects in vigilance. However, our research domains extend to resilience, adaptability, and related cognitive factors that impact human-machine systems and human-human teams in aviation.

Our research has applications in safety domains including security screening and pilot monitoring, as well as the educational and occupational spheres.

Research Impact

The MIT2 lab has conducted research with government agencies such as the Air Force and FAA. Researchers in this lab have presented, and continue to present, in international conferences such as ISAP and HFES.

Research Areas:

Cognitive Factors
Feedback Effects in Vigilance
Human-human Teams
Human-machine Systems
Resilience and Adaptability
Time Distortion under Stress
Trust and Video Conferencing

Capabilities & Advanced Technologies:

Driving Simulators
Eye-tracking Systems

Application Areas:

Security Systems