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Partnership 2: 1st Floor

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The  Team Research and Adaptability in Complex Environments (TRACE) Lab focuses on maximizing individual and team performance in complex and high-stakes environments through a team-centered approach to training, learning, and assessment. Members conduct research to examine the key mechanisms underlying team effectiveness and the methods through which to facilitate team effectiveness.

Continuing areas of research and associated products include:

  • Team training/team performance
  • Experimentation and field studies
  • Training evaluation and guidelines
  • Core teamwork competencies
  • Team performance models
  • Simulation-based Training
  • Practical Handbooks
  • Measurement tools
  • Best practices

Research Areas:

Cultural Diversity
Cultural Training
Human-agent Teaming (HAT)
Measuring Performance and Team Processes
Simulation-Based Training
Team Cognition
Team Performance
Team Performance Models
Team Resilience
Team Training
Teams Operating in Complex Environments

Capabilities & Advanced Technologies:

Best Practices
Experimentation and Field Studies
Measurement Tools
Practical Handbooks
Training Evaluation and Guidelines

Application Areas:

First Response