Shawn Burke, Ph.D.

Director, TRACE Lab


Partnership 2: 135B


C. Shawn Burke is a Professor (Research) and Director of the TRACE lab at the Institute for Simulation and Training, University of Central Florida. Her expertise includes teams and their leadership, team adaptability, team training, measurement, evaluation, and team effectiveness. Dr. Burke has published over 90 journal articles and book chapters related to the above topics and has presented/had work accepted at over 200 peer-reviewed conferences. Dr. Burke has received funding from the following agencies: Army Research Institute, Army Research Laboratory, Office of Naval Research, Army Research Office, National Science Foundation, Gulf Oil Research Program, and NASA. Most recently, Dr. Burke has been funded by NASA to investigate issues related to team leadership, team roles, and cultural diversity within the context of teams operating in isolated, confined environments (e.g., long duration space exploration) with an eye towards fostering resiliency within such teams. All the above work is conducted with an interest in team leadership and the training of teams operating in complex environments.  She has also recently been funded by the Army Research Institute to investigate issues related to leader and team resilience.

Dr. Burke earned her doctorate in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from George Mason University and is an Associate Editor for the Journal of Trust Research and Consulting Editor for the Journal of Business and Psychology.  She also serves as an ad-hoc reviewer for several journals, including Leadership Quarterly, Journal of Applied Psychology, Human Factors, Military Psychology, Small Group Research, and Human Resource Management. She has co-edited books on adaptability and advances in team effectiveness research.  She is currently co-editing a book on intelligent tutoring for teams.


  • Ph.D, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, George Mason University

  • MA, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, George Mason University

  • B.S., Psychology, University of Central Florida


Space Related

  • “Facilitating the Synergistic Side of Cultural Diversity in LDSE: Identification of Challenges and Development of Cultural Training”
  • “Dyads and Triads at 140 Million Miles: Factors Affecting Interpersonal Relations in Long Distance Spaceflight”
  • “Understanding Individual and Team Cognition in Support of Future Space Missions”

Team Resilience

  • “Unpacking the Nature of Team Resilience and the Role of Leadership:  Looking Across Levels”
  • Prescribed Fire Team Resilience

Translational Activities

  • “Center for Team Effectiveness to Accelerate EBP Implementation in Children’s Mental Health Services”

Emerging Areas

  • “Multi-Method Assessment of Attitudinal Factors Affecting Process and Performance in HAT”
  • “SMART Team Assembly” (Team Composition)

Research Interests:

Cultural Diversity
Human-agent Teaming (HAT)
Team Composition
Team Performance
Team Resilience
Team Roles and Interpersonal Relations
Team Training
Teams Operating in Complex Environments

Areas of Expertise:

Measurement and Evaluation
Measurement Tools
Team Adaptability
Team Effectiveness
Teams Leadership
Teams Training

Application Areas:

Human Factors