Upholding Excellence in UCF’s
Modeling & Simulation Program

Upholding Excellence in UCF’s Modeling & Simulation Program

The Academic Advisory Board (AAB) consists of UCF faculty members from departments and schools that are related to the field of M&S:

  • Computer Science

  • Digital Media

  • Education – Instructional Design

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Industrial Engineering and Management Science

  • Institute for Simulation & Training

  • Mathematics

  • Medicine

  • Nursing

  • Philosophy – Cognitive Science

  • Psychology

The AAB maintains two committees:

The Curriculum Committee is responsible for clarifying the core educational objectives of the M&S program. They review all M&S curricular matters and nominations for Graduate Faculty and Graduate Faculty Scholar appointments.

The Admissions, Standards, and Awards Committee is responsible for maintaining standards for acceptance in all degrees and certificates in the M&S program and making recommendations for all graduate assistantship and fellowship nominations.

Bridging the Gap Between Industry Trends and Education in the M&S Sector

The Executive Advisory Board (EAB) consists of local M&S industry and government leaders.

Members of the EAB serve as program advocates and reviewers. They help identify new and important trends in the M&S industry and their impact on education and research. EAB members further assist in identifying student experiential learning opportunities such as internships, co-ops, mentorships, and real-world course projects.

Eric Anschuetz

Head, Software Systems Branch

Naval Air Warfare Center Training System Division

Cindy Harrison

Chief Software Architect

U.S. Army Program Executive Officer for Simulation, Training and Instrumentation

Waymon Armstrong


Engineering & Computer Simulations

Dr. Roger Smith

Chief Technology Officer

AdventHealth Nicholson Center

George Cheros

President/Executive Director

National Center for Simulation

Dr. Robert Sottilare

Associate Director of Science & Technology

Army Research Labs

Dr. Edward Degnan

Chief, M&S Found. Div.

Air Force Agency for M&S

Dr. Christopher D. Geiger

Sr. Manager

Universal Orlando Resort

Janet Weisenford


Inner City Fund International

Dr. Ken Westerlund

Technical Director

Camber Corp.

Grace Bochenek, Ph.D.


School of Modeling, Simulation, and Training Institute for Simulation & Training

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