Shaping the Future

The UCF School of Modeling, Simulation, and Training (SMST) is a global leader in modeling and simulation graduate education, with a 40-year history shaping the industry through innovation and research. A pivotal part of Central Florida’s renowned modeling, simulation and training (MS&T) community, the school prepares students for success in forward-thinking industries and academia — many of which are defining the future of MS&T, as well as research and development. SMST alumni are industry leaders across the globe.

Earn a Degree or Certificate

At SMST, you can earn a Ph.D. or master’s degree that is transdisciplinary, accessing the strength of multiple disciplines to find solutions to complex and multifaceted problems. You will take core SMST courses and build on those with electives from SMST and other colleges across campus. M&S faculty members actively support you in creating a cohesive and carefully tailored plan based on your career objective and research agenda. At SMST, your set your own unique career path, while building a solid foundation for success in any industry, government or academic institution.

A graduate certificate of Modeling and Simulation in Behavioral Cyber Security is also offered with emphasis on the behavioral aspects of cybersecurity and cyber operations.

Graduate Program Suite

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  • 1
    Discover boundless possibilities to grow your career and be at the forefront of change in the world, from AI to VR to digital-twin technology
  • 2
    Get strong support from faculty and staff due to the intimate program size with hand-selected cohorts of students
  • 3
    Engage with internationally recognized faculty in innovative research funded by visionary partners
  • 4
    Connect to an Orlando MS&T industry 200+ strong: private sector, defense and government
  • 5

    Find lifelong relationships with passionate faculty and staff who will further your career goals

Research Focus Areas

  • Behavioral Cybersecurity
  • Computer Visualization
  • Digital Twin for Manufacturing
  • Human Digital Twin
  • Instructional and Training Simulation
  • Interactive Simulation and Intelligent Systems
  • Simulation in Healthcare and Medicine
  • Simulation Modeling and Analysis
  • System Modeling
  • Transportation

A Few Modeling and Simulation Companies
Employing UCF Graduates