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  • Hometown: Palm Harbor, Fla.

  • Bachelor’s Degree: University of Central Florida

  • Advisor: Roger Azevedo, Ph.D.

  • MS&T Area of Interest: The human and how they interact with learning environments. Daryn collects multimodal multichannel data, such as log files, eye tracking, facial expressions of emotions, and think-alouds, to understand the cognitive and metacognitive processes that occur as learners complete game-based learning environments.

  • Appreciate Most About Fellowship: The opportunity to focus on completing and successfully defending her dissertation.

  • What’s Next: Successfully defending her dissertation in March and hopefully remaining at SMST with a postdoc position under Dr. Roger Azevedo. After that, continuing her training for a tenure-track faculty position.

  • Most Importantly – Favorite Food: “Potatoes!,” Daryn said. “They can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and in a variety of ways so I can never get bored of them. Boil ‘em, mash ‘em, stick ‘em in a stew…”


  • Hometown: Ankeny, Iowa

  • Bachelor’s Degree: Simpson College, Indianola, Iowa

  • Master’s Degree: Florida State University
  • Advisor: Joseph T. Kider Jr., Ph.D.

  • MS&T Area of Interest: Mathematics with a current emphasis on complex network theory.

  • Appreciate Most About Fellowship: Wrapping up her current research being conducted with the USDA-ERS and completing her dissertation, as well as placing her research in front of a wider audience.

  • What’s Next: Successfully defending her dissertation and pursuing a job in data modeling.
  • Most Importantly – Favorite Food: “My favorite place to eat is Fresh Kitchen!” said Lauren.


  • Hometown: Palm Harbor, Fla.
  • Bachelor’s Degree: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  • Master’s Degree:University of Central Florida

  • Advisor: Roger Azevedo, Ph.D.

  • MS&T Area of Interest: The measurement and analysis of human (meta) cognition, engagement and learning using multimodal process data like eye-tracking, log files, facial expressions, think-alouds and physiological responses.

  • Appreciate Most About Fellowship: The opportunity to expand on the work that makes up her dissertation and to share the exciting new directions and implications that may arise from it.

  • What’s Next: Defending her dissertation in March. Megan has accepted a postdoc position working with Dr. Roger Azevedo and exploring the design and development of human digital twins. After that, she hopes to continue pursuing a tenure-track faculty position.

  • Most Importantly – Favorite Food: “I love sour candy, if you consider candy food,” Megan said, “but I’m also a fiend for anything with cheese!” Who isn’t?

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