M&S Graduates of 2011

Dissertation/Thesis Title links to online text, if available. Click title to access text.

GraduateProgramSemesterAdvisorDissertation/Thesis Title
Christine AllenPh.D.FallKincaid, J. PeterBleeding Control Using Multiple Amputee Trauma Trainer in Medical Simulation: Comparison of Movement Versus Non-Movement in Training
Lucas BlairPh.D.FallBowers, ClintThe Use of Video Game Achievements to Enhance Player Performance, Self-Efficacy, and Motivation
Kristy Bradley-RadakovichPh.D.FallKincaid, J. PeterThe Effects of Presentation Mode and Pace On Learning Immunology with Computer Simulation: A Cognitive Evaluation of a Multimedia Learning Resource
Richard CallowayPh.D.FallProctor, MichaelHomologous Pairing Through Dna Driven Harmonics – A Simulation Investigation
Craig FinchPh.D.FallHickman, J. JamesModeling Transport and Protein Adsorption in Microfluidic Systems
Benito Graniela OrtizPh.D.FallProctor, MichaelHarmony: An Architecture for Network Centric Heterogeneous Terrain Database Re-Generation
Tammy MuhsPh.D.FallKincaid, J. PeterModeling Mass Care Resource Provision Post Hurricane
Joel PalathinkalPh.D.FallKincaid, J. PeterThe Effectiveness of Virtual Humans vs. Pre-Recorded Humans in a Standardized Patient Performance Assessment
Omar ThompsonPh.D.FallKincaid, J. PeterAn Approach to Improve the Failure Rate Model of a Solid State Laser by Utilizing the Physics Of Failure Methodology
Yaela DahanPh.D.SpringProctor, MichaelAnalysis of the Relationship between the Level of Educational Computer Game Use and Milken Exemplar Teacher Instructional Strategies
Craig TidwellPh.D.SpringReilly, CharlesTesting the Impact of Training with Simulated Scenarios for Information Security Awareness on Virtual Community of Practice Members
Paul VarcholikPh.D.SpringHughes, CharlesMulti-Touch for General-Purpose Computing: An Examination of Text Entry
Iman ElbadramanyMSSummerKaup, DavidTowards Calibration of Optical Flow of Crowd Videos Using Observed Trajectories
Norma CaamalPSMFall
Chad FarwigPSMFall
Sushiil ShettigarMSFall
Steven WardMSFall
Michael WeissMSFall
Joseph DaltonMSSummer
Iman ElbadramanyMSSummer
Danielle HolmesMSSummer
Marcus MonkaMSSummer
Julie SalcedoMSSummer
John EliasMSSpring
Tamara GriffithMSSpring
Robert LarsonMSSpring
Corina LechinMSSpring
Gregory McGowinMSSpring
Justin SkilesMSSpring
Joseph SottilareMSSpring
Luis VazquezMSSpring
Chirstopher WindlerMSSpring
Michael XynidisMSSpring