M&S Graduates of 2016

Dissertation/Thesis Title links to online text, if available. Click title to access text.

GraduateProgramSemesterAdvisorDissertation/Thesis Title
Irwin HudsonPh.D.FallReinerman-Jones, LaurenMulti-Dimensional Approach to Predicting Decision-Making Potential
Alan ParisPh.D.FallVosoughi, AzadehBiophysical Sources of 1/F-Type Noises in Neurological Systems
Javier RiveraPh.D.SummerFlorian, JentschCognitive Flexibility: Using Mental Simulation to Improve Script Adaptation
Ryan WohleberPh.D.SpringMatthews, GeraldThe Impact of Automation Reliability and Fatigue on Reliance
William RiveraPh.D.SpringXanthopoulos, PetrosA Priori Synthetic Sampling for Increasing Classification Sensitivity in Imbalanced Data Sets
Oddny BrunMSFallWiegand, R. PaulImproved Interpolation in SPH in Cases of Less Smooth Flow
Keith CarlsonMSSummerShuai, ZhishengMathematical Modeling of Infectious Diseases with Latency: Homogeneous Mixing and Contact Network
Dylan MorelleMSSpringKincaid, J. PeterLive Versus Virtual: Cost Benefit Analysis for Applying Simulation Towards Army Aviator Flight Minimums
Michael MccarthyMSSpringKincaid, J. PeterThe Hammer or the Anvil: Developing Operational Adaptability through Simulations at the Tactical Level
Larry BacaMSSpringProctor, MichaelAnalysis of Alternative Convoy Route Patrol Procedures for Countering Improvised Explosive Devices Deployed During Asymmetric Warfare in Afghanistan-Like Rural Settings
Carrie CrossleyMSFall
G. Anthony DelamarterMSFall
Shan LakhmaniMSFall
Kurt LorenzMSFall
Alexia MandevilleMSFall
Charles ODellMSFall
Skilan OrtizMSFall
Sean OsmondMSFall
Samantha WartaMSFall
Katelynn KapaloGCFall
Taylor BakerBCFall
Robert BolducBCFall
Eric BrittainBCFall
Corbin FrancisBCFall
Daniel GordonBCFall
Adam HardneyBCFall
Wesley MilksBCFall
Matthew RickBCFall
Chadrick SineBCFall
Kelsey BinnigerMSSummer
Amit GoelMSSummer
Mark VarvakMSSummer
William EubanksMSSummer
Jacques DemezierMSSpring
David GarciaMSSpring
Danielle JulianMSSpring
Thomas KehrMSSpring
Cintya LariosMSSpring
Eric LukasMSSpring
Rachel ManiqaultMSSpring
Tommy MilesMSSpring
Jamie SutantoMSSpring
Qiuwen YuMSSpring
Alexander TsarevGCSpring