M&S Graduates of 2013

Dissertation/Thesis Title links to online text, if available. Click title to access text.

GraduateProgramSemesterAdvisorDissertation/Thesis Title
Patricia MorrowPh.D.FallReinerman-Jones, LaurenNeurophenomenological Methods: Experiences of Earth and Space in Simulation
Scott OsoskyPh.D.FallJentsch, FlorianInfluence of Task-Role Mental Models on Human Interpretation of Robot Motion Behavior
Luis RobledoPh.D.FallSepúlveda, JoséA Dynamic Enrollment Simulation Model For Planning and Decision Making In a University
Julian AbichPh.D.SummerReinerman-Jones, LaurenInvestigating the Universality and Comprehensive Ability of Measures to Assess the State of Workload
Lillian Campbell-WynnPh.D.SummerProctor, MichaelUnderstanding the Capabilities and Limitations of Advanced Interactive M&S: A Cricothyroidotomy Simulation Case Study
Benjamin GoldbergPh.D.SummerCannon-Bowers, JanExplicit Feedback within Game-Based Training: Examining the Influence of Source Modality Effects on Interaction
Hong JiangPh.D.SummerKarwowski, WaldemarA System Dynamics Model for Manpower and Technology Implementation Trade-Off and Cost Estimation
Kristin SchaeferPh.D.SummerHancock, PeterThe Perception and Measurement of Human-Robot Trust
Ken WesterlundPh.D.SummerKincaid, J. PeterExploration of the Impact of Affective Variables on Human Performance in a Live Simulation
John BarryMSSpringProctor, MichaelLimitations of Micro and Macro Solutions to the Simulation Interoperability Challenge
Edward LerzMSSpringProctor, MichaelUse of Integrated Training Environments to Sustain Army Warfighting Proficiency in an Era of Constrained Resources: Understanding What's Required to Win the First Battle of the Next Conflict
Jessica MichaelisMSSummerSmither, JananThe Restorative Effects of Color and Environment Type on Cognitive Functioning
Ryan HillMSFall
Irwin HudsonMSFall
Yew Siang SeetMSFall
Yiduo ZhanMSFall
Farhood BasiriMSSummer
Angelo ConnerMSSummer
John HartMSSummer
Daniel HurleyMSSummer
Bello IlliassouMSSummer
Jessica MichaelisMSSummer
Robert MichlowitzMSSummer
Paul OppoldMSSummer
M PettittMSSummer
Tracy SandersMSSummer
Francua ThomasMSSummer
Stephanie WoznickiPSMSummer
Amber AlstonMSSpring
John BarryMSSpring
Jennie BottoneMSSpring
Daniel BrownMSSpring
Thomas CarboneMSSpring
Ashley HughesMSSpring
Jeremy JosephMSSpring
Jennifer LeavensMSSpring
Edward LerzMSSpring
Joy MartinezMSSpring
Julissa NunezMSSpring
Katelyn ProcciMSSpring
Gregory SandiferMSSpring
Asli Soyler AkbasMSSpring
Alyssa TanakaMSSpring
Alex VershininMSSpring
William WeilandMSSpring
Julia WrightMSSpring