M&S Graduates of 2018

Dissertation/Thesis Title links to online text, if available. Click title to access text.

GraduateProgramSemesterAdvisorDissertation/Thesis Title
Jeremy FlynnPh.D.SummerSzalma, JamesA Psychophysical Approach to Standardizing Texture Compression for Virtual Environments
Henry GlaspiePh.D.SummerKarwowski, WaldemarAssessment of Information Security Culture in Higher Education
John HartPh.D.SummerProctor, MichaelInfluence of Selected Factors on a Counselor's Attention Level to and Counseling Performance with a Virtual Human in a Virtual Counseling
Camilo JimenezPh.D.SummerJentsch, FlorianIdentifying Type of Expertise as a Means to Measure CRM Knowledge Structures
Senglee KohPh.D.SummerLaViola II, JosephExploring Natural User Abstractions For Shared Perceptual Manipulator Task Modeling & Recovery (ucf.edu)
Luis VazquezPh.D.SummerProctor, MichaelLearning Opportunities and Challenges of Sensor-enabled Intelligent Tutoring Systems on Mobile Platforms: Benchmarking the Reliability of Mobile Sensors to Track Human Physiological Signals and Behaviors to Enhance Tablet-Based Intelligent Tutoring System
Ahmad AbualsamidPh.D.SpringHughes, CharlesApplied Software Tools for Supporting Children with Intellectual Disabilities
Phillip HanesPh.D.SpringWiegand, RudolphMethods to Calculate Cut Volumes for Fault Trees with Dependencies Induced by Spatial Locations
Julian MontaquilaPh.D.SpringCaulkins, BruceA Behavioral Model of Law Enforcement Applicant Characteristics Derived from a Simulated Cheating Task: Implications for Pre-Employment Hiring Practices
Jack NorfleetPh.D.SpringBai, YuanliSimulating Human Pleura Performance in Medical Training Using Measured Tissue Mechanical Properties (ucf.edu)
Michael XynidisPh.D.SpringBockelman, PatriciaAssessing the Impact of Multi-variate Steering-rate Vehicle Control on Driver Performance in a Simulation Framework
William PikePh.D.FallKincaid, J. PeterHuman Factor Effects of Simulating Battlefield Malodors in Field Training
Salam DaherPh.D.FallWelch, GregoryPhysical-Virtual Patient Simulators: Bringing Tangible Humanity to Simulated Patients
Thomas CarbonePh.D.FallHughes, CharlesPsychomotor Skill Measurement of Video Game Players
Charles DescheneauxPh.D.FallReinerman-Jones, LaurenSimultaneous Use of Physiological Sensors for a Neuromarketing Task
John KillileaPh.D.FallMartin, GlennInvestigating The Effectiveness Of Using Part-Task Or Whole-Task Training Methods To Facilitate Mindful Abstraction In Uncertain Tasks
Avonie ParchmentPh.D.FallWiegand, RudolphPsychophysiology Meets Computer Science: Predicting the Magnitude of Participant Physiological Response with Machine Learning