M&S Graduates of 2019

Dissertation/Thesis Title links to online text, if available. Click title to access text.

GraduateProgramSemesterAdvisorDissertation/Thesis Title
Brian MaconPh.D.SpringFanfarelli, JosephGamification: Badges and Feedback
Shan LakhmaniPh.D.SpringBarber, DanielTransparency and Communication Patterns in Human-Robot Teaming
Chathika GunaratnePh.D.FallGaribay, IvanEvolutionary Model Discovery: Automating Causal Inference for Generative Models of Human Social Behavior
Robert MichlowitzPh.D.FallWalters, LoriSupporting Learning in 3D Virtual Environments: The Impact of Intergenerational Joint Media Engagement