M&S Graduates of 2015

Dissertation/Thesis Title links to online text, if available. Click title to access text.

GraduateProgramSemesterAdvisorDissertation/Thesis Title
Anastasia AngelopoulouPh.D.FallKarwowski, WaldemarA Simulation-Based Task Analysis Tool Using Agent Based, Discrete Event and System Dynamics Simulation
Ryan KashaPh.D.FallKincaid, J. PeterAn Exploratory Comparison of a Traditional and Adaptive Instructional Approach for College Algebra
Konstantinos MykoniatisPh.D.FallKarwowski, WaldemarA Generic Framework For Multi-Method Modeling And Simulation Of Complex Systems Using Discrete Event, System Dynamics And Agent Based Approaches
Alyssa TanakaPh.D.FallHughes, CharlesThe Effect of Video Game Play on Robotic Surgery Skill Aquistion
Crystal MarajPh.D.SpringLackey, Stephanie J.Investigating Simulation-Based Pattern Recognition Training for Behavior Cue Detection
Christopher HollanderPh.D.SpringWu, Annie S.Information Propagation Algorithms for Consensus Formation in Decentralized Multi-Agent Systems
Edwin CortesPh.D.SummerRabelo, LuisParallel Discrete Event Simulation Optimization Using Complexity and Deep Learning
Aleshia HayesPh.D.SummerHughes, CharlesThe Experience of Presence and Social Presence in a Virtual Learning Environment as Impacted by the Affordance of Movement Enabled by Motion Tracking
Kiyoul KimPh.D.SummerGene, Lee H.Design of a Framework to Measure the Degree of Live Virtual Constructive (LVC) Simulation Interoperability
Douglas MaxwellPh.D.SummerKincaid, J. PeterGauging Training Effectiveness of Virtual Environment Simulation Based Applications for an Infantry Soldier Training Task
Carlos RodriguezPh.D.SummerKincaid, J. PeterAn Integrated Framework for Automated Data Collection and Processing For Discrete Event Simulation Models
Travis WiltshirePh.D.SummerFiore, Stephen M.Team Interaction Dynamics During Collaborative Problem Solving
Shawn Chu-QuinnMSSpringKincaid, J. PeterStreaming the Acquistion Process: Systems Analysis for Improving Army Acquistion Corps Officer Managment
Marvin OsbourneMSSummerMohapatra, RamThe Effect of Precipitation on the Spread of Mosquito-Borne Diseases: A Case Study of Florida Counties
Karla Badillo-UrquiolaMSFall
Nisha BaralMSFall
Denise BenkertMSFall
Victoria ClaypooleMSFall
Salam DaherMSFall
Chathika GunaratneMSFall
Katelynn KapaloMSFall
Ravi Kiran KattojuMSFall
Christine KreutzerMSFall
Justin LinnertMSFall
Leonardo OyamaMSFall
Yaser SendiMSFall
Brandon SollinsMSFall
Ahmad AbualsamidMSSummer
Kristian DamkjerMSSummer
Rene GuersterMSSummer
Chelsea IwigMSSummer
Christopher LackeyMSSummer
Richard OsborneMSSummer
Marvin OsbourneMSSummer
Luke ReadMSSummer
William RiveraMSSummer
Esin SoylerMSSummer
Kimberly StowersMSSummer
Steven ThompsonMSSummer
Jamie SutantoGCSpring
Claas Tido (CT) BoesserMSSpring
Alexis DewarMSSpring
Mark EvansMSSpring
Nicholas FrauliniMSSpring
Jonathan HurterMSSpring
Kevin LeyvaMSSpring
Brian MaconMSSpring
Timothy MartinMSSpring
Alyssa MercadoMSSpring
Patrick ScanlanMSSpring
Regan StevensonMSSpring
Ryan WohleberMSSpring